The Shirt v. Me!


I have officially lost 16 pounds. WOO HOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! However, I have a long way to go and it is very easy to do the wrong thing. Actually, it is scary because gaining weight is easy. Enjoying the wrong types of foods is very easy. I am in the right mind set, but I do have bad days. I am working on it.

I have decided to buy no more clothes until I lose weight. The bigger the clothes, the more they cost. I say DISCRIMINATION. I do understand that they have to use more material, but really?Sometimes, they have the wrong size. Like when it says, “One size fits all.” Who is all? Is all the skinny all? I remember a few years ago, I went to buy a shirt. I saw a really cute shirt that was a certain size. I looked at it and on the rack, and it looked as if it would fit. I went into the dressing room and began to try the shirt on. It was a little tight in the arms and around the back. Not my size. Here is where it went wrong. I tried to take the shirt off and it would not come off. I struggled and struggled. I twisted and turned. I had to sit down. I started sweating like I was working out. I did not want to tear it. I went out to the door of the dressing room and called for one of the sales persons to help me. The lady was really nice and tried to help me. She pulled and tugged, but that shirt was not coming off. She called in another salesperson. OMG! I had two people trying to get me out of that unforgiving shirt.

Finally, we had to make a decision. We had to cut it! They explained that I did not have to buy it since I explained that it had my size on it. I cannot help that the designer made it smaller than what the size said. One of the sales ladies cut the shirt up the back. I was FREE! I felt bad looking at that cut up shirt, so I paid for it. It was only $28. I have the shirt in my closet. I keep it to remind me that I need to loose weight. Now when I try a shirt on, I test it out by putting one arm in one of the sleeves. If it feels tight, it is not for me. I will not fight with another shirt. LOL


Keep it fit peeps!


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