Over the Top Daughter


Superbowl Sunday! Woo HOO! Not really. I stop watching football years ago. All I will say is I was married to a football player. Enough said. LOL  I will say that football players do show that being physically fit is important. They have some big guys on there, but they can move, run and jump. The key is to keep doing activity. I know a lady who is over 70 and she can do the splits and cartwheels. She said because she never stopped doing them. We must stay active peeps!

Speaking of being married to a football player once upon a time. I remember traveling one time to a game in Dallas. I was pregnant with my son. My daughter was about 8 months old. Yes, my children are close in age. They are eleven months apart. Dont ask? LOL Whenever, I went somewhere with my kids when they were babies, I took everything. I took two baby bags, double stroller, play pen, toys, treats, etc. Yeah I know. Talk about over doing it. Well I only had one child at this time, but I had a lot of junk. At the airport, I rented one of those cart buggy things to put everything in. This was in 92 before all the rules and regulation, so I was taking everything.

I sat my daughter in the little seat at the front of the buggy and I started loading the buggy. Suddenly, things started falling off the buggy. Every time, I picked something up, another thing would fall off. Remember, I was pregnant with my son who was due in about 3 months. He would be a big baby, 10 pounds 13 ounces, so I was big, but cute. Always cute. LOL

Anyway, this catastrophe of things not staying on the cart went on for about 15 minutes. I did not know what was going on. I looked around and I saw about 9 people looking at me and laughing. What the hell was so funny? I needed help. One of the ladies pointed at my daughter. OMG! I did not even notice that she was throwing things off the cart every time I put something back on. She was also laughing. Really? Yes! My daughter was making a fool out of me. I laughed and put the things on while watching her. It is amazing how much babies know. My daughter has always been that way. She always have thought she was smarter than me. Indeed! LOL

Keep it Fit Peeps!


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