The Shirt v. Me!


I have officially lost 16 pounds. WOO HOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! However, I have a long way to go and it is very easy to do the wrong thing. Actually, it is scary because gaining weight is easy. Enjoying the wrong types of foods is very easy. I am in the right mind set, but I do have bad days. I am working on it.

I have decided to buy no more clothes until I lose weight. The bigger the clothes, the more they cost. I say DISCRIMINATION. I do understand that they have to use more material, but really?Sometimes, they have the wrong size. Like when it says, “One size fits all.” Who is all? Is all the skinny all? I remember a few years ago, I went to buy a shirt. I saw a really cute shirt that was a certain size. I looked at it and on the rack, and it looked as if it would fit. I went into the dressing room and began to try the shirt on. It was a little tight in the arms and around the back. Not my size. Here is where it went wrong. I tried to take the shirt off and it would not come off. I struggled and struggled. I twisted and turned. I had to sit down. I started sweating like I was working out. I did not want to tear it. I went out to the door of the dressing room and called for one of the sales persons to help me. The lady was really nice and tried to help me. She pulled and tugged, but that shirt was not coming off. She called in another salesperson. OMG! I had two people trying to get me out of that unforgiving shirt.

Finally, we had to make a decision. We had to cut it! They explained that I did not have to buy it since I explained that it had my size on it. I cannot help that the designer made it smaller than what the size said. One of the sales ladies cut the shirt up the back. I was FREE! I felt bad looking at that cut up shirt, so I paid for it. It was only $28. I have the shirt in my closet. I keep it to remind me that I need to loose weight. Now when I try a shirt on, I test it out by putting one arm in one of the sleeves. If it feels tight, it is not for me. I will not fight with another shirt. LOL


Keep it fit peeps!


Over the Top Daughter


Superbowl Sunday! Woo HOO! Not really. I stop watching football years ago. All I will say is I was married to a football player. Enough said. LOL  I will say that football players do show that being physically fit is important. They have some big guys on there, but they can move, run and jump. The key is to keep doing activity. I know a lady who is over 70 and she can do the splits and cartwheels. She said because she never stopped doing them. We must stay active peeps!

Speaking of being married to a football player once upon a time. I remember traveling one time to a game in Dallas. I was pregnant with my son. My daughter was about 8 months old. Yes, my children are close in age. They are eleven months apart. Dont ask? LOL Whenever, I went somewhere with my kids when they were babies, I took everything. I took two baby bags, double stroller, play pen, toys, treats, etc. Yeah I know. Talk about over doing it. Well I only had one child at this time, but I had a lot of junk. At the airport, I rented one of those cart buggy things to put everything in. This was in 92 before all the rules and regulation, so I was taking everything.

I sat my daughter in the little seat at the front of the buggy and I started loading the buggy. Suddenly, things started falling off the buggy. Every time, I picked something up, another thing would fall off. Remember, I was pregnant with my son who was due in about 3 months. He would be a big baby, 10 pounds 13 ounces, so I was big, but cute. Always cute. LOL

Anyway, this catastrophe of things not staying on the cart went on for about 15 minutes. I did not know what was going on. I looked around and I saw about 9 people looking at me and laughing. What the hell was so funny? I needed help. One of the ladies pointed at my daughter. OMG! I did not even notice that she was throwing things off the cart every time I put something back on. She was also laughing. Really? Yes! My daughter was making a fool out of me. I laughed and put the things on while watching her. It is amazing how much babies know. My daughter has always been that way. She always have thought she was smarter than me. Indeed! LOL

Keep it Fit Peeps!

The Principal’s Office


So far, I have lost 13 pounds. I am so excited. However, it is a long, long, long, long road ahead. I know there are potholes, twists and turns, but I can drive and I am going to drive this old hoopty. I will drive it until I become like a bugatti. Yep! A four million dollar body. Right now my body is about….$100. If you have to ask what a bugatti is, then you cannot afford it. Dont worry, I know what it is and I cant afford it, and I will never afford it. LOL


A few years ago, I took my kids and a few other kids to a summer college program for little kids. It was really nice. It was more about fun classes, but they did have academics. I dont remember what school hosted it, but it was a big and beautiful high school. I know it was somewhere out HWY 6 near HWY 90. If you live in the Houston area, you may know where I am talking about.

The kids were in their classes, so I decided to tour the school. I dont know what part of the gigantic school I was in, but I had to use the restroom. I did not see a restroom and I did not know how to get back to where I began. I kept going down halls, but I ended up in another part of the school. Somehow I saw a door that said offices. It was open, so I thought someone was in there that could help me. I went in and nobody was there. I saw Principal on one of the doors and a light on. I peeped in the door and said, “Hello!” in my Medea voice. NOBODY!

By now, I had to use it like a two year old. I was jumping around and almost in tears. Oh yeah! I remembered from being a teacher, most Principals have restrooms in their offices. I know I should not enter other people’s private offices, but it was either enter or let the river Michelle flow all over the ground. LOL I went in and there was a restroom for the principal. I ran in and shut the door. Once I was done, I washed my hands. On the sink was some cute little figurines that were mini old fashion classrooms. My nosy self decided to pick one up. My hands were wet and it slipped. Yes, it broke! OMG! What to do? Before I could think, I heard someone say, “Who is in there?” “Uhm…I am a parent and..” I could not finish because I heard another voice say, “Dont open the door. Remember we had a break in a few days ago. Go get officer Ghent.” Officer Ghent? All I wanted to do was use the restroom. I looked at that little figurine in my hand and saw, it was not to bad. A little piece was off and it could be glued. No Problem! Wrong! “I am coming out.” I said as I pushed on the door. I could not get out. I think they were holding me in. I kept saying, I am a parent and I had to use the restroom. They did not understand why I came in the Principal’s office to use the restroom. “I got lost!”

Five minutes later, I heard, “Come out slowly with your hands in the air.” What? Are they kidding? I decided to put the figurine in my purse because it did look bad. I slowly opened the door and there was the school cop with his gun drawn. I did not know what to do, so I went back in the restroom. He kept saying come out and I kept saying, “Not until you put that gun down.” Luckily, I had my cell phone with minutes. You know I had a pay as you go back in those days. I called the other parent who came with me. After she stopped laughing, she came to my rescue.

About two minutes later, I heard everyone laughing. My friend told me to come out. The Principal , his secretary, the school police officer and my friend were all laughing at me. I explained and we all laughed.

“Oh sorry.” I said as I handed the Principal the broken figurine. He stopped laughing, and we went on about our business. The moral of this story is use the restroom before you go on a journey or at least ask someone! LOL

Keep it healthy Peeps!