I hate Schlitterbahn!


We are off again because of a cold day. This is amazing for Texas, but as a teacher I say Woo Hoo! Parents need time with their wonderful children. LOL   I actually had a veggie sandwich today. It was good. It is like when you don’t have enough meat on the sandwich, but you have all the other things. It was good. There are a lot of good vegetarian meals. Try them! you will like them. Try them Sam I am! A little Dr. Seuss joke. No? Oh well.

People keep saying my kids must understand my humor because they put up with my crazy adventures. I guess they had no choice. I kept them so close and sheltered early on. Also, I was very involved in all their activities. We did have a lot of fun. When we went places, I called it “In the Wind.” This means I don’t know what we are doing that day, but we are in the wind. We were going anywhere and everywhere.

Having kids is so special, but all parents worry. I think when they are little you worry more about them getting sick, somebody bothering them or loosing them through sickness or kidnapping, etc.  I lost my son once. It was at that horrible water park Schliterbahn in New Braunfels. I say horrible because it is one of those places that kids get lost easily.

In the summer, my kids use to spend time at a Park in the Park’s and Recreation summer program. It was like a free camp. I was off in the summer, so I would volunteer my time. I became close with the staff and the kids. It was so much fun. We decided to take a group of kids to Schlitterbahn. At that time my kids were 8 and 9. The adults decided to split the kids by some adults going with a group of kids to the big water rides and some adults staying with the little kids at the slower rides. You know I was the one that volunteered for the slower rides. It was hot and a lot of walking, so the little kids were great for me and my fat. LOL

There was a big pool in the kids area that the kids could go around and around using floats. I sat a beach chair in the shallow part of the water and watched them go around. We had a good time, until I did not see my son. I saw all the other kids, but not my son. I called my daughter over to me and asked her where is her brother. She had not seen him. OMG! Panic began to rise up in my body. Where was my baby? All kinds of things came into my mind. I got up and went around in the water myself. We looked everywhere and no son! I wanted to faint. It was like being in a nightmare. Wake me up?  Finally, I saw my son. He was running toward me. I hugged and kissed my baby. “Where have you been?”” I wanted to ride the big water slide and it had a long line.” The fear of loosing him had left my body. Now, anger was rising up.

After fussing at my son, I explained to him about never leaving the group without permission. After that day, I made up the term, “My right leg.” I told my son, if he cant see my right leg then he is too far. I dont know why I chose the right leg. I guess because I am right handed and do everything to the right first. I dont know. It worked.From the time my kids were old enough to go places with or without me, they knew they were a package and they needed to keep up with each other. My daughter hated it  because my son was always getting in trouble. My son hated it because my daughter was always telling on him. It was good for awhile, but now she thinks she is the boss of my son. Poor boy!

Keep fit my peeps! Keep up with your children and remind them of the rules when they are out in a public area.



2 thoughts on “I hate Schlitterbahn!

  1. Ree

    Damn Darius stay close! Lol
    I love veggie burgers. Beaucoup has an EXCELLENT Veggie Boca Burger And Veggie cheesesteak Poboy like Philly Cheesesteak. It’s great!

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