Run Son! Run!


I lost two pounds! I am so happy. It had been awhile. I had to make some adjustments on my diet. I am following my nutritionist, but I had to tweak a few things. I have to learn to make my dinners more exciting. I can make it through the day, but if my dinner is boring, I will cheat. I am finding some good quick recipes. So it is all good! Celebrating the two pounds! LOL

I am not a animal person. I like dogs. Notice, I said like. I prefer small dogs. Fish are ok. Cats and me do not match. I hate them. I am a cat racist. If they stay in their world and leave me in my world, we can exist together. LOL

My son always wanted a dog, but I would not buy it. I did not want to take care of it, and the way he kept his room, I knew he would not take care of it. My poor son. He use to watch those late night commercials about those pitiful dogs and get sad. My daughter likes to joke and say she saw him rocking in his room singing, “In the Arms of an Angel” to one of those commercials. He said she is lying. Poor child!

The next few post, I will dedicate to my kids. They have put up with a lot from me. Being a single Mom is not easy, but I tried to make sure they had the best childhood. We did not always have enough money, but I made sure they had fun activities, friends and good schools.  I moved a lot so they could live in safe and clean neighborhoods and be zoned to good schools. It was the least I could do. They both are in college now, so I guess it is all good. All I can do now is pray that they have productive lives. I definitely want them to have a much better life than what I gave them.

This is not a funny story. It is more of a OMG! What a horrible Mother story. I dedicate it to my Son. He always has his Mom’s back! One night, we were leaving from my parents house. My kids were about 10 and 11. We were singing songs on the way home. We lived in Stafford. We were about 15 minutes from home, when the car started making a noise and stopped on main or Highway 90 going toward Stafford. If you know where I am talking about, it is a very dark road. I pulled over and tried to start the car. It would not start. I looked at the gas gauge and realized I was out of gas. Dang it! I forgot to put gas in the car. I knew when I went to my Parents that I was going to need gas, but I forgot. Dumb! Dumb! Dumb! What to do? It was dark! I had my kids and the nearest gas station was about 15 blocks down the road. I could see it. It was the only thing I could see.

I could get out and walk to the gas station, but I was too fat and too slow. Plus, I could not leave my kids in the car. I could not take them with me for the same reasons. I was in a dilemma. We did not have cell phones back then. Yes, people had them, but I did not have one that worked. It was a pay as you go phone and I had not paid it. A car pulled up behind us because I noticed we were in a turning area. I was scared because the people could be robbers or killers or OMG! The man got out the car. I could see that it was two men. Young men. I told the kids to be quiet and if anything happens, we will fight to the death. We had codes back then that meant different things like look out for people walking up to the car, run, my daughter is in a bad mood. LOL

You would think my kids would be scared siting on that dark road with no gas. They were not! They always felt that I could take care of everything. If only they knew. I always had to be strong. Sometimes, I really wanted to scream HELP ME! I never did, but sometimes late at night, I prayed to God for help. Thank you Jesus!

The man got out and asked if I needed help. I told him no. “My husband is on the way.” I probably should have told him the problem, but I was scared. If they knew I was stranded, they might of helped, but they might of saw an opportunity to hurt us or kill us. The man got back in his car and left. OK! It was time to think of what to do. We could wait until daylight, but it was only 10:00pm. We could not sit there that long. I made a horrible decision that will bother me the rest of my life.

My son was a fast runner from playing little league football. In fact, he had on his football cleats and football pants with the pads.  I told him that he was going to have to run down main street to the gas station and get a gas can. Fill the can with gas and bring it back to the car. Many kids his age would of said no. My son quickly said okay! My daughter wanted to do it, but she was a girl and she did not run as fast as my son. She does not agree. I knew better. I hoped.

I told my son to stay close to the grass, but don’t get in the grass. There might be snakes or any type of animal in that high grass. I told him to run fast, watch for cars and to not stop running until he gets to the gas station. OMG! I kissed my son and let him out of the car. I wanted to cry, but once again, I had to be strong for my kids. I gave him $10. It is all I had. I told him to tell the gas station attendee the problem.  I would pay for the can when I reached the station. I am sure he would believe a little Kid. Right? “I Love you Son!”

My daughter and I watched my son run toward the gas station. I kept thinking horrible thoughts. What if he got ran over by a car? What if someone stopped and kidnapped my baby? What if a animal got him? What if….OMG! It seemed as if it took forever. I saw him reach the gas station. Sweet relief! No! Now he had to run back. I held my breath again as I thought the same horrible thoughts. He made it back. It was all God! Thank you again Jesus! My son put the gas in the car and I was able to make it to the gas station and eventually home. My kids and I talked about it all night. We laughed, but I wanted to cry. I told them we could never tell anyone. I always thought being a single parent that if I messed up, they would take my kids from me. This would be a good reason. Not really, but I was young. My kids never told anyone about that horrible adventure. In fact, this is the first time I told anyone.

Later that night, I prayed and cried to the only one who knows my pain and what I have had to struggle through. He has brought me this far and will continue to bring me further. In the name of Jesus, Amen!

Thank you son! I guess I should of got him that puppy.

Keep it healthy peeps! Keep your kids close and God closer!


4 thoughts on “Run Son! Run!

  1. Donna Williams

    Michelle I am sure the “mistakes”you feel you may have made as a mother are very different from the childhood memories your kids remember. You are their “she-ro” (female hero :))

    who-hoo! 2 pounds! Go Michelle, its your birthday! ( do people still say that???)

    • LOL. I think us old fashioned 80’s people do say it. I appreciate the compliment and encouragement. It does not show, but I feel it. I have lost a total of 13 pounds. It is definitely a struggle. I know your kids have a shero. I bet they laugh everyday.

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