Ratted Out!


It is sooooooooooooo cold in Houston. You know us southern girls do not like  cold weather. I know it is much colder in places like New York, but we feel like it is about that cold. I usually joke by saying it is the season for us big and beautiful girls. Men want someone they can snuggle up to and be warm. We are looking good right now! LOL.

I am doing a lot of research right now on foods and how they work on the body. My diet with the nutritionist is going ok, but it is getting boring. There are so many different ways out there, so if you know some good strategies, let me know. Also some good recipes. I have never been the chicken breast person unless it is very tender. It is a lifestyle change, but it does not have to be boring. Fit Foods that I talked about has some tasty foods, but they are too expensive. I will get the hang of it. I have know choice. It is my life.

Today was a horrible day at the school that I work at because I saw a rat! Yes, I said a rat! Now, I know buildings can have rats, but I dont want to see it. The building I am in is only two years old and very clean, so I was not expecting it. I was standing in the hallway waiting on my class and I thought I saw something small coming down the hallway. My eyes could not believe it. I blinked and saw it was a small rat running down the hallway toward my way. It turned into the classroom across from me and went under the door. The thing they say about rats not having bones is true. It went under the smallest space. Yuck!!!!

OMG! I panicked and started knocking on doors. By this time all the kids were coming into the hallway. I was panicking and saying there is a rat. Here is the horrible part. Everyone was looking at me and laughing. What is wrong with you people? We need to clear the school! Call the exterminators! Do something.! Everyone was looking at me. I thought at least the girls would be scared along with me, but they were not. The class that the rat ran into, did not move. The teacher was upset, but the kids…NOTHING! Did I dream it? Did I lose my mind?

I started my class and put a student who sits near the door on Rat Watch! I told them that Ms. Taylor will not be able to save them. If the rat comes in, get out of my way. I am a big girl and I will knock you over. LOL They laughed. The assistant principal came in and he was laughing. I said there is a rat! “I know. We were watching you on camera and you are so entertaining.” WTH? It is not funny and they better not show that tape at the next faculty meeting.

Most of my students live across the street in some low income apartments. Apparently, they have seen rats. Apparently they have seen them at the school. I dont need to see them. I guess I will be looking for another job. LOL

At the previous school that I worked at, they built a new school. Before they built the new school, we were in a old building that had been there for over thirty years. Talk about rats. They had rats big as cats. Yuck! Some teachers would have to clean poop up every morning. Rats would fall though the ceiling if the tiles were missing and they would get caught in the AC and die. The smell was horrible! Well, one day after school, some teachers and I were talking in another teachers room. There were about five of us. I noticed that one teacher had stopped talking and was staring across the room at the windows. I asked her what was wrong. She pointed at the windows. Ladies and gentleman, I saw the biggest rat I ever saw crossing the room on the windowsill. I grabbed my purse and started running toward the door. Here is the problem. Another teacher who was as big as me started running toward the door. When we got to the door, we both tried to go through it and became stuck. Oh my! It was like one of those old three stooges movies. We tried to push through until we finally got loose. Both our big tails ran down the hall. You should of saw people moving out the way. It was like two eighteen wheelers speeding down the highway. Big people have a hard time running, but that day I was a track star.

You know when I go back to work, I will probably walk down the hallway and into my classroom like I am in a scary movie. It is scary! They never found the rat. One of the guys said it is probably hiding in the file cabinet until people leave. All I will say is if it comes anywhere near me or I open a file cabinet in my room and something jumps out, get the defibrillator or get the hell out my way because I am on my way to my car and I am going home!!!!  I wonder how much I can get on unemployment? LOL


Keep it healthy my peeps. Keep away rodents!


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