Lake Michelle


Trying to drink 8 glasses of water a day is a chore. Who knew? I love water, but I am not that thirsty. With diabetes, you do get thirsty, but when everything is going right, you don’t fill as thirsty. My sugar readings have been good and dieting is helping, so I am not as thirsty. Today, I forced water down my throat. You would of swore it was medicine. I have to do it, so drink, drink, drink! LOL

Speaking of water. I love to take showers. They are refreshing and quick. However, sometimes it is good to soak in the tub. It is good, but not always the best for fat me. The first time, I realize soaking in the tub was a problem, was a few years ago when I gained more weight. I was getting into the tub and noticed, I could not sit down as easily as others. It is like trying to sit on the floor. It is a process. I could not slowly lower myself into the tub. I had to plop down into the tub. Good! No! Water is in the tub. When I plopped down, all the water shot up and out the side of the tub. OMG! It was like the Brazos river running through my restroom. I had to laugh, but I had to clean it up. This is when I notice another problem, GETTING OUT OF THE TUB! Of course, I cannot get up like most people by pulling myself straight up from the sitting position. I tried, but no luck. Instead, I had to turn over onto my hands and knees and then pull using the soap handle. Good! Wrong! Turning over made more water shoot out into the new Michelle River.

Well at least I can get out now. WRONG! I dont know what they use to attach the soap handle thingy, but apparently it is not strong enough to hold my beauty. Yes, it broke when I tried to lift up. Yes, I fell back into the tub, and yes more water went out into my The Michelle River. What a site! LOL.

By the time, I got out of the tub, I was standing in Lake Michelle. Horrible! Now, when I want to soak in the tub, I put than a million towels. I run the water after I get in and let it out before I get out. HORRIBLE!

Keep it fit my Peeps! Showers rule! LOL


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