Mall Fat


WHY IS FIT FOODS SO EXPENSIVE? I do not understand why healthy food is so expensive. You are getting less, so the price should be less. The thing about Fit Foods is it is too portioned. Talk about being hungry. The crazy part is people are lined up to get the food and there are people that go weekly. Fit Foods will make you realize that cooking your own food is best. The sad part is busy people need a good healthy quick pick up food. However, Fit Foods is too expensive for regular folk. My daughter has become good at cooking healthy food, and portioning  the food out into containers. Maybe she needs to start a business, whereas she fixes good healthy food for less. The average folk is where most of the obesity is running rapid. The people I saw in Fit Foods were a size 2. LOL If you know where to get reasonable already made healthy food, let me know.

This is a very recent story. I have sciatica that is brought on by my weight, therefore, I cannot walk a long way without my back hurting. If I walk and ignore the pain, I cannot walk at all, so when the pain comes on, I sit down for a few minutes and then I walk again. It does not affect me at the grocery store or on the treadmill because I am holding onto something that helps hold my weight. I try to know how far I must walk and wear the right shoes. Ugly shoes. (Another good reason to lose weight. lol)  I know what to do now, but a few years ago, I would not go places that I had to walk or stand too long. People thought I was being lazy, but it was my back.

Anyway, I needed to get some vitamins that my nutritionist recommended and the only store that had this certain brand was the Vitamin World. It is not any vitamin store. The closest Vitamin World to me is in First Colony Mall. You know my first reaction was, NOT THE MALL! However, I was smart. I called  Vitamin World and asked the guy which way is the best way to come in near the Vitamin Store. If I come in the right way, I will not have to walk much. The guy told me to come in between the two JC Penney’s. Ok! Wrong!

When I got to the mall, I saw the two JC Penney’s. There was no way that I saw to go in between the two JC Penney’s from the outside.  I saw where I could go in next to JC Penney and probably walk down a little bit. WRONG! It looks different from the outside. Duh!  My silly tail went in through the food court. Bad idea for the fat and hungry.  When you are trying to eat healthy, the food court is the wrong entrance to go trough. Why was there people standing with samples of food? GOOD SMELLING FOOD! I passed three guys with food samples. Good Michelle. No! The fourth guy had tiny pieces of a Philly cheese steak sandwich. I had to taste it. OMG! I think I tasted heaven. After eating healthy, low sodium, low everything food, this salty, fatty, tasty piece of good food melted in my mouth. I wanted to steal the tray, take off running and devour the entire tray. However, I cant run fast enough. LOL I kept walking.

When I got to the end of the food court, I looked to the right and I saw JC Penney. Why was it a whole 90 blocks down the corridor? I parked in the wrong spot. Too late. I was there and I was on a mission. Maybe it would not be so bad. WRONG! It was like crossing Texas. When I arrived at the first JC Penney, I did not see Vitamin World. Of course it was near the other JC Penney. The other JC Penney was not next to the first JC Penney. It was miles away in my mind. MORE WALKING! My back was killing me, but I made it to Vitamin World. I had to sit down first. There was a bench in front of the store. Unfortunately, there were two college looking girls sitting on it. I was in such pain, I decided to go stand by the bench. I am sure when they see me, they will be polite and get up. Wrong! They sat there talking. I really needed them to move, so I started breathing hard and coughing. I said excuse me and tried to sit in the little space next to one of the girls. They looked at me and quickly moved. I know it was wrong, but I was in pain. LOL

I sat for about five minutes. I went into the Vitamin World and found everything I needed. Now it was time to make that long walk across Texas back to my car. Usually, walking back is not so bad because I know where I am going. I thought I knew where I was going. After walking for a while, I did not see the food court. Where is it? Did they move it? Is this a cruel joke on fat people? I saw the end of the mall. I dont remember what store it was, but there was no food court. I turned around and began walking back toward the JC Penney that I did not see. Was I in so much pain that I was delusional? I saw a sign that said Food Court with an arrow. I think I turned wrong. I began walking the direction of the arrow. OMG! No food court! Where am I? I had to sit and think this through. I sat down with a old man. He looked about 80. We began talking about his grand kids, the mall, the weather. It was nice, but I realized time was passing and I did not know where I was. I said goodbye to the old man and continued my journey.

By this time, I figured there was never a food court and I was in a dream. WAKE UP MICHELLE! It was no dream. Finally, I asked one of the workers who was in the middle of the mall selling jewelry or something.  She pointed to a little hallway that led to the restroom, but it also led to the food court. I was so excited. It was like the yellow brick road to OZ. I knew at the end of the road, I could go home. “There’s no place like home.” There’s no place like home.”   I followed the hall and ended up at the end of the food court. I went out the door and got into my car. Sweet relief!

It is a shame. This was another great reason for me to lose weight. Plus, I felt like the 80 year old man. Although, he could walk better than I. I am on a mission to lose the weight and be able to walk the entire mall without sitting down. I will conquer the beast. LOL

Keep it fit peeps.  Keep a map! LOL



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