Dog Gone Fat!


It is almost MLK Day. I think of the struggle that Martin Luther King Jr. and others went through to insure equal rights. I am grateful to all who put their lives  on the line to ensure freedom for all. However there is much to do in many minority neighborhoods. One thing that is somewhat minor that I have a problem with is DOGS! I love dogs, but I do not like stray dogs. For some reason many Hispanic and Black neighborhoods have stray dogs. It is as if, once people cannot take care of them, they let them go on the street. Horrible!  Some of the dogs are dangerous and for a fat person like me it is not good. I can run a little, but I cannot jump or climb or whatever it takes to get away from the dog. Maybe I need to have a march on not letting your dangerous dogs loose. “Say it Loud. Stop Stray Dogs!”

The funny story today is not about me, but my fat was part of the problem. My daughter plays the piano. She went to a school in elementary that had a focus on music. One of her classes was piano. In fifth grade, she had a difficult piece to learn, so I hired a private tutor to help. In fifth grade, my daughter was short and a bit chubby. She was not fat, but had a little more weight on her butt and thighs. The piano tutor was the aunt of a friend of mine and she lived in a neighborhood not to far from where we lived. The neighborhood was diverse, so I did not worry to much about dogs, but I am always on the lookout.

After piano lessons, my son and I were sitting outside in the van. I drove a mini van back in those days. My daughter came out of the house, and that is when I saw it. A big white dog coming down the sidewalk. It was almost a block away, but it started running when it saw my daughter. We did not have much time. I told my daughter to run. She saw the dog and started running toward the car. My son began yelling run! Here is where my fat comes in to being a problem. Most people would have opened the door and got out to help their child, but I knew it takes me forever to get out of the car and get in, so this would not help. The dog was coming and coming fast.  I decided to roll the window down and have my daughter climb into my window and across me. There was no time for her to run around to the other side of the van. She threw her books in and started climbing in the window. She tried to go across me, but my fat and the steering wheel was in the way. She was stuck. Her feet and butt were dangling out the window. Her brother who was in fourth grade at the time, jumped in the front and tried to pull her through the window, but the dog was almost at the car. The only thing I could do is drive. I started the car and drove with my daughter’s legs dangling out the window. We drove down the street and around about two corners. I could see people pointing at us. I am sure it looked strange. We stopped and my daughter was able to scoot into the window and go over to the passenger seat. It was horrible. We looked at each other and started laughing.

My poor child. However, my kids are use to me and my fat. It is a good thing, but also a pitiful thing. I thank my children for putting up with my silliness and my fat. For them and myself, I am working hard to lose this weight.

Keep it free my Peeps. DOG FREE! LOL


6 thoughts on “Dog Gone Fat!

    • They do. They had no choice. When we have discussed my weight, they always say, “You are Mommy!” They know I need to loose and they support me, but when they were little, I did not let my weight stop me from doing things with them, so they did not see it as a problem. Plus, I took all their friends everywhere for years. Thanks

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