Towing my Butt


I hope everyone is enjoying their weekend. I know for me it is a three day weekend. “Free at last. Free at last.” The thing about being free, is there is always responsibility and you have to work to keep it. So I say, Free the fat! Free the fat! I must be responsible for my actions and try to keep working toward my goals. Dieting and eating healthy is definitely a life changing process. It is not easy. However, I will overcome one day! You notice my Martin Luther King theme. LOL

My daughter who is away in college, says some of the students say “The Struggle!” Afterwards, they will answer “It’s Real!” I told her those kids at that expensive college, do not know what  it is to have a real struggle. Be a Mom! Be fat! Be divorced! Be a grown up!  It is slang for them, but many of us know what struggle means and it is definitely REAL! However, we keep on keeping on!

Are you ready for one of my real fat experiences. One night my son and I were driving back from visiting some friends in Katy, which is about 40 minutes from where we live with no traffic. It is all freeway, so not so bad. Wrong!  Halfway down the freeway, the car started making a sound and jerking. I told my son to pull over. The car stopped and would not turn back on. It was 10:00 at night and we were on the freeway. OMG! Why? Luckily, we had our cell phones. What did we ever do without cell phones? LOL  Unfortunately, for me I do not have many people to call to help because at that time my parents were too old, it was late and I did not know anyone to call, so we called the city tow truck program. They will come get anyone stranded on the roads or freeways for free. They will not take you home, but they will tow the car to a open area like a parking lot or gas station. Whatever is close. Great!

The tow truck arrived in about 10 minutes. We got out the car and the man hooked the car onto the tow truck. Here comes the bad part. The tow truck driver got into his truck. My son got in the back seat and now it was my turn. Easy? No! I am not only fat, but I am short. For me the tow truck is like a giant. For people who are smaller in weight, they can pull themselves up, but I cannot pull my own weight up. I can roll it, I can fall on it, but I cannot pull it up. I tried, but I could not get into the truck. The tow driver did not help. He was looking at me like I had a problem. I did! Help me! He did not have anything I could hold onto. Finally, after getting out of breath trying to climb that mountainous truck, my son jumped out and said let me help you. Such a good son. He tried to have me push off on his hand. He tired to pull me. He tried everything. Finally, I told my son to get behind me and push my butt up. Of course, he looked at me and said What? “I said, take your hand and push up on my but as I try to lift. I know he wanted to laugh because I was laughing. The tow truck driver was doing noting, but looking.  On the count of three, I lifted and my son pushed my butt and up I fell into the truck face down into the seat. I was able to pull up and sit down. The tow truck driver looked and said, “I will drop you at the Walmart.” Thank you Mr. No help man! LOL Later, I thought about my face in that seat that millions of butts have sat in. You know when I arrived home, I scrubbed with all kinds of soap, alcohol, moisturizer, etc. LOL

We made it to the Walmart and my son helped me down because jumping from high places is not something fat people want to do. I got down and the tow truck driver had us sign his work order and he left. We were in a jam because I had nobody to call. We sat in the car for about an hour and I told my son to try to start the car one more time. I prayed and prayed and PRAYED! The car started. Woo Hoo!  We went home and I told my daughter how her brother had to push my butt up. We all laughed.

Keep it fit my peeps and keep your car running! Oh and keep a strong son. LOL


4 thoughts on “Towing my Butt

  1. Nikki J

    LOL, Michelle, get AAA; they r nice and would have helped u get into the truck. Girl, I would have been so mad at that driver.LOL.
    Your poor son. He has seen u fall out of a chair in front of people, has seen ur underware hanging from ur shorts, and has to lift u up by ur butt. Killing myself over here laughing at u.

  2. Ree

    The best part out of all these experiences is the laughter. Your kids know what humor is thanks to you. Thank God you weren’t the angry, feel sorry for me mom. Or your kids would hv been critical of you and angry with you for having an overweight mom.

    KEEP IT UP MICHELLE! I love your blogs and can’t wait for your novel for adults.
    The struggle is real alright. ThAt is the struggle to lose weight esp after a certain age when our metabolism is super slow.

    • True Ree. Yes, my kids have a sense of humor. I always stayed positive with them, no matter my struggle. I remember when I was going through my roughest time with my marriage and my divorce, I made sure they enjoyed life. I remember them going to children’s church and saying that all the kids were crying over something meaningful the minister said. My kids did not understand why all the kids were crying. I told them some kids have problems. They did not understand because they did not know they had problems. They had the most positive and fun childhood I could give them. You are only a kid once. Thanks.

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