The Slip


My computer seems to have an attitude, but it is working. I am back to blogging. Starting from the fat. Well, I have not lost any weight, but I have lost inches, so all good. It is a process. This fat did not come over night, so I will not lose it overnight. However, that would be a nice idea. Imagine waking up and all the fat is gone…….Oh sorry, back to reality.

The New year is always a great time to start working out. So many people are working out and dieting. I say great! However be careful. Make sure if you are on medication or have some type of medical problem, check with your doctor. Everything does not go with everybody, and everybody does not go with everything. Be body smart, so you can be body beautiful.

OK! Are you ready for a Michelle Fat funny. Let me do my disclaimer. Being fat is a serious matter. It is not funny. We must all take care of our health and help others when we can. However, I love to laugh at myself and see the funny, but also see what I need to work on.

As you know I am a teacher. Well I am more of a Mother. My kids are 21 and 22, but that is like 11 and 12 sometimes. LOL  Last school year, my son’s car was broke, so he used my car. I told him to make sure he picked me up at 4:00. Of course, you know in the twenty something language that means 5, 6 or whatever. LOL Since he was late, I had time to talk with some fellow colleagues that are usually at the school late. Some teachers are so dedicated. Yeah right! There were some chairs close to the front of the building, and I thought it would be a good spot to wait for my Son because I could see out the door. WRONG! As you know from my story about the chair collapsing at my son’s cub scout meeting, I now check every chair I sit in. I check to see if it will hold me and if I can get out of it. If a chair or couch is too low, I do not sit in it. It is not easy pulling all of this weight out of a low chair.

Since this chair was a bit low, I decided to sit more to the front of the chair. I began to slip some, so I sat back a little more into the chair. I was not sure if I was slipping, if the chair was moving or if the room was moving. All I know is before I knew it, I slowly slipped down onto the floor and the chair was laying partly on my head and partly on my back. I was stuck with my feet sticking straight out and this chair on my back. I was not hurt. I was amazed, I was on the floor. The slip was so slow and easy that I did not realize I was on the floor…well, until I saw my legs sticking out in front of me. LOL

There were two other teachers near me, but they were skinny. I know you probably are thinking, “So what if they are skinny?” Well, sometimes skinny people do not understand that bigger people do not move like they do. They kept telling me how to get up instead of helping me get up. Finally, another teacher came by and took the chair off my back. Now, I was sitting on the floor with no way up. Of course the skinny ones could not help me. Finally two men came by and they helped me up. I dont know why they had to make a grunting noise like I was soooo heavy. Maybe they need to work out more. LOL

Later, I found out the chair slipped because  the floor had been waxed and buffed too much. So now, I not only check what chair I sit in, I also check the floor, the wax, the skinny people…..LOL

Keep it fit my peeps!


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