As the pills turn


I am writing a little late tonight.  I got sick. Oh my! Never take all your medicine at one time. I have three diabetic pills, vitamins and supplements. Today at lunch, I took all of them at one time. I usually spread them out more. I do not know what I was thinking. About an hour after taking all those pills, I felt sea sick. I was looking at my students and I swear I saw two of each of them. Lord knows, I do not need two of each of them. LOL  Luckily, it was almost time to go because I started getting worse. All I will say is I had to release from the top and bottom. I am a little weak now, but I am feeling much better, so no story today. I am going to continuing resting so I can go to work in the morning. I hate missing work.

Keep fit my peeps and keep it one pill at a time. However, when I lose the weight, I hope to get off all pills.


2 thoughts on “As the pills turn

  1. Tara A

    Take care of yourself, Michelle. I hate missing one of your stories! If you feel well enough tomorrow, you must write two to make up for today! 🙂

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