Hell Walk


Walking is so important. When we are young, we take advantage of the wonderful gifts God has bestowed upon us like walking. There are so many people out there that do not walk for various reasons, but to lose the ability to walk because of not taking care of ourselves is no excuse. I cannot walk for a long time with out my back and down my legs starting to hurt. The only reason for my pain is because of my weight. My father who recently died at 84, could not walk at all because he did not follow the doctor’s orders of light exercise. My Grandmother died some years ago at 98 and she probably could have walked from Texas to California. She loved to walk. My point is we must use it before we lose it. I try to walk as much as I can, but I know it will get easier as I lose.

Although, I need to walk, one of the worst walks in the world for me  was at University of Texas. OMG! on that day I hated the longhorns. In fact, I wish a longhorn would of  came by so I could of rode it back to my destination.

Before, my daughter went to college, we did a road trip to visit a few colleges in Austin, San Antonio, etc. We did this crazy outing in the dead heat of the Texas summer. It was muy caliente! You know it is hot, when you speak in another language. When we arrived at U.T, we went in some building to watch a video and listen to some of the students talk about the greatness of U.T.Next, they said we were going on a walking tour. Although, I cannot walk a long way, I had my good tennis shoes on, and if we walk and stop, and I can sit some places, I could make it. I WAS SO WRONG!

The walk started out horrible. Soon we stepped out the building, the unforgiving heat of a Texas summer day, hit me. It was like the sun slapped me. I should have turned around, but I did not want to disappoint my daughter. The guide was talking, but all I could hear was that thug the sun threatening me with its awful heat rays. The first stop was in a parking lot. Luckily it was under a tree and the tree had a small bench under it. I sort of politely pushed my way through the smiling crowd to sit on the bench. My kids are use to me, so they shook their heads and continued listening to the guide. Despite the heat, so far so good. WRONG! After, the guide was through talking about I don’t know what, we began walking across this parking lot. Now, I am no scientist, but I do know walking across a big slab of concrete with no shade in the Texas sun is not a good idea because of the increasing temperatures the concrete adds.  That old bully the sun was on my back. I did not have a hat or water. Crazy you say? Yes, it was crazy. Where were you to stop me? LOL

Along the walk, we stopped again to talk about the stadium. Thank you Jesus! I saw another tree and bench. This time I sort of pushed a lady out the way to get to the bench because I saw an older couple going to the bench. I sat down before anyone could sit down. I know I should of thought about the old couple, but the sun had my mind. Plus, there was room for one of them to sit with me.  My back was killing me and I was as they use to say in the country, “Hotter than a big dawg!” LOL I probably looked like a big sweaty black dog. I say black because I know I probably turned 10 shades darker from the fists of the sun rays beating on my face. I probably was so black, I was blue.  I could not fight the sun. It was winning. Next, we went inside. God is good! I think I started speaking in tongues. Oh the wonder of air conditioning. I dont know who invented air condition, but we need to honor them in some type of holiday. I was able to get some cold water and enjoy my friend the cold air. We did go outside and look at a beautiful Olympic side pool. I was OK for a second.

The young over eager guide, was ready to continue our journey. All kind of thoughts came to my head. I could not take any more of that gangsta sun. I decided that I would not go any further on this hell walk. I decided that I would go back to the building where we started. It did not seem like we walked too far. WRONG! Who knew? Apparently, I did not know anything. Dumbed and numbed by the sun, I told my kids that I would not continue the tour and I would see them back at the building. My son wanted to walk back with me, but I told him to stay with his sister. Although, they were older, the Mother in me was use to making sure they stayed together when I was not around. I told them goodbye and I turned around to go back to the building.

What was I thinking? I was not thinking. I did not realize how far we had walked. By this time, the sun had became hotter. I began walking and that old gangsta sun began taunting me and beating me. I had to put my hands on my hips. My whole style of walking changed. I probably looked like a old fat Black woman from back in the day, shuffling along in the heat. I think I started singing old spirituals. “Sing Low. Sweet Charriot.” “Amazing Grace. How sweet the sound.” It was soooooooooooooooooo hot! Why lord? Why? I remember I had to cross a busy street. I almost put my thumb out to get a ride, but I saw the overheated parking lot that we crossed at the beginning. I told myself that I could make it. WRONG!

When I got to the parking lot, it look like a ocean of concrete. I hard to sit down. I swear I was having a heat stroke. I was not. I started checking my pulse and listening to my breathing. I told myself, I had to make it. I thought of my kids and I said they need me, so I continued. Yes, I was being dramatic. I WAS HOT!  Finally, after what felt like months of walking I arrived at the building. I saw the steps and I felt like a person who had walked through the desert and finally found civilization. If I was not so tired and fat, I would of fell down and kissed the steps of the building.

Always a lady, I did not want to look sloppy when I went in, so I fixed my clothes and went in the restroom to wipe the loads of sweat off my face. I wanted to lay down on the restroom floor.   I went to the receptionist and asked her where was the water fountain. She offered me a bottle of water. She was like an angel sent from God as she handed me that water. I sat down and chugged that bottle of water. I was good.

About a MINUTE after I arrived, my kids came in. I asked them how was the rest of the hell walk. They said, “You should of stayed. We walked for about a minute more and then we got on the bus to finish the tour.” WHAT CHILD? A BUS? I wanted to faint. I could not believe it. I crossed the Sahara desert, and I could of been on an air conditioned bus. I was done with college tours. Did she really need to go to college? Where is my car? LOL

After U.T., we went to Trinity University, Texas State and U.T. San Antonio. I watch the videos and I let the kids walk. I waited in the cool lobby with the water for them to come back. I did not need to see anymore. The lobby was my new home. I made myself comfortable and wished everyone good luck. “Go with God.” My daughter was a little mad with me, but she will get over it, I thought. Later on in life, she can get therapy, and talk about her horrible mother. I was chilling in the air. Amen!

Later, I told my doctor about my adventure and fight with the sun. She told me that it was too much walking in the heat for my size. I know! However, today it is part of my incentive to lose weight. I know if I was smaller, I could of  made it. Plus, I did not like disappointing my daughter. So one day, I will try that U.T. walk again.  Haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa! If I do Pigs will fly, talk, and start dating chickens and have baby pigickens! Too much? Well, this is how you think when the sun beats you down. LOL

Stay fit Peeps! Oh and always stay cool!


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