Droopy Draws


Today, was my second day working out with the trainer…well actually I sort of missed the trainer. I got there late because I was running my mouth with a co-worker. I did get to work out and I did 20 minutes on the treadmill. So all good for me. Weigh in is tomorrow. I hope it is something good. No matter, I am new at it and I will keep working at it. I am determined.

My sleepiness finally caught up with me. I hate nodding in front of my students because they stare at you like you are some kind of species. Today, I could hear them whispering, “she is sleep.” Children of today do not know how to whisper correctly. LOL

I have had quite a few request for my funny stories and fat experiences, so here we go again.  One time when I was dropping my daughter off at Girl Scout camp, I decided to dress comfortably because the camp was in Conroe and that is about an hour or more drive from Houston. Back then I did not care to much how I looked. I was in a difficult marriage with two little kids. I was overweight. I was not talking to many of my friends because I embarrassed by my weight and by what was going on in my marriage. I actually was going through the motions, but I believe that I was depressed. So I did not care how I looked.

Anyway, I had on some shorts that sort of rose up in the back and were somewhat short and wide in the leg. They almost looked like a worn out skirt. I had to be careful not to walk or lean the wrong way. I was not as big as I am now, but I was  overweight. I knew I was not going to be there long because we were late and usually, you drop the girls off in the lobby of this particular camp and leave. I got out the car. My daughter was getting some of her things out and her brother was helping. I think they were around 10  and 11 years old. I was trying to get in the building to sign my daughter in before they closed up the camp to outsiders.  All of sudden, I heard my son say “Mama, what is that hanging on your shorts?” I looked down and I could not see anything, then I heard the other child, my daughter laughing and saying, “Is that your underwear?” I looked and the waistband of my raggedy underwear had gave out and my underwear was hanging down out of the shorts. The middle of the shorts were holding the middle up, but the other parts had fell off of my bottom and were almost to the middle of my thighs. I could not pull them up because I would have to pull my shorts down to get to them. Talk about a dilemma. Luckily, most people had already arrived at the camp and we were the only people outside. All I could do was go into the building and go into the restroom. Of course, there were two adult ladies and one girl in the lobby when I hobbled in. I did not look at them. I hurried into the restroom. I don’t know if they saw me, but when I came out to sign my daughter in, I saw the two ladies smirking and looking at each other.

After, my oh so compassionate daughter stopped laughing, she said, “Please do not wear those shorts again and throw those tore up panties in the trash. My son never said a word. I think he was traumatized. LOL Of course, they bring it up now and we all laugh. Actually, THEY LAUGH! LOL

By the way, vegetarian sloppy joe is very tasty.

Keep it fit my peeps!


2 thoughts on “Droopy Draws

  1. Scott McPherson

    I started my journey to fitness in October…. Once the holidays and my sons came home I stoped… Been eating and drinking non stop… Your blog is sending me back in that YMCA to finish what I started…. The underware story did it… Lol Stay motivated my sister,taking insulin shots is not the Bizzness…. Good luck and I will be making comments..

    • Thanks Scott. I appreciate the support. I know grown kids do not make it easy. Luckily, my daughter is on the program also, so she is bossing me around about doing the right thing. All I know is I have a lot of life left and I want to enjoy it. Keep doing what you are doing bring back the athlete in you. LOL

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