What was that sound?


I went back to work today. It was not to bad because it was only teachers and other staff. Tomorrow is the real deal when THEY COME BACK! The students. I am ready. This part of the year goes quick because it is test season. It is a crazy time, but at least it goes fast. It will probably be a slow day because the students should be tired from sleeping late over the holidays. I know I will be tired, so they need to not bother me. Only Joking.

I am glad to go back to work, I can focus on my diet better because I am so busy during the day. I do not have time to cheat. By time, I come home, relax, do a little work, and take a bath, it is time to go to bed.

I am teaching 8th grade and 7th grade. I love my 8th graders. They have this new thing about clapping when I get on a student or I am done with a lesson. They think it is funny, but I must fake like I don’t like it, so they want get out of hand. They don’t believe me, so they continue to clap.

I weighed in today. No change in weight, but  I lost a few inches, so it is all good. Tomorrow, I go to my weight training. I know it is going to be harder, but I am ready. I hope I don’t make that noise thatI made the last time when I got through working out. I got up off one of the machines and I made a loud old person sound like arrrrrrrgh! I sounded like a ghetto pirate. The few people that were in the room looked. The trainer who had went to get a towel, came running in because he thought I had fell. I laughed because I did not know the sound was that loud. I will need to be more careful with my ghetto sound effects. LOL  I did that sound in my class one time when the students were gone to lunch and a teacher came running down the hall with a stapler. He thought the students had jumped on me or were fighting. He said,” I had your back. I thought it was on in here.” It was not on, it was only me making that crazy sound after sitting too long. He was young and did not understand bones, joints, knees, back, neck, and so on and son tightening up. The noise is a release.  LOL

More later. Keep it Healthy Peeps!!!


2 thoughts on “What was that sound?

  1. Donna Williams

    Michelle you can and will do it! I know yo’ behind is headstrong! (Yes , i am a teacher and i said I said Yo’…..don’t judge me) Ree is right girl you are such a good writer! Books are your calling. I starting working out some years back when I realized that when I looked in my bathroom mirror, I saw what I “thought” I looked like. Then I’d take a picture and be like “who the hell is that?” “That ain’t hardly me!” (In my Savanah from goodtimes voice) But ALL the pictures kept coming out like that and I realized I needed to lose weight!!! Its a never-ending journey but I can attest to having a group to work out with keeps you motivated!

    This is inspirational my sista!

    • Thanks Donna. I know what you mean. I blamed the cleaners for shrinking my clothes. It was not the cleaners shrinking my clothes, it was me getting bigger. LOL You are right. It is a lifetime journey.

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