In the Water


The first day of training went well. He went easy on me, but it was beneficial. The trainer told me about how people have fallen on the treadmill, so you know I was holding on tight. I have fallen in my fat life and the worst part is the getting up. I would hate to fall on a treadmill. He told me usually it is because people do not pay attention. So make sure you are paying attention. He told me one man did not realize the person before him had left the treadmill on and it was going at a high speed. The man got on and flew off the machine. He survived, but he was hurt. Some of us are getting to old to fall. It is not the fall, it is the recovery. Also, if you are over 40 like me, look into taking vitamins. Since I have started taking vitamins, I have so much energy. It is wonderful. I am a super hero. LOL. Well, I have always been a super mom and a super teacher, but now I am super me fighting fat daily. LOL

I went out with friends today to Cafe Express, but I did good. It was a little off my diet, but I made up for it with my workout and how I portioned my food later in the day. It is a little early for me to go to restaurants, but I know if I do, I must stay on my food plan.

Ok, I do have a funny from the past for everyone. Remember I am not laughing at being fat, I am laughing at my experiences. Laughing is healing and healthy. Plus, it is better than crying.

A few years back when my kids were about 8 and 9, we went to Celebration Station. If you are from Houston, you know that was once a great place to putt putt, water boats, game room, go-karts, etc. I don’t know if it is open today, but I know it had turned ghetto-gangsta. Anyway, I was in my twenties and new to being overweight. I thought I could do everything I always did before the fat, so I got on the bumper water boats. Getting on was not bad, except I noticed my boat was a little lower in the water than others and it was not going as fast. I thought I had a bad boat. Actually, I had bad weight. When it was time to bring the boats in, I pulled mine into the dock. Here is where it went wrong. Usually, when people get out of the boats, the workers hold the boats until you get out. Well, my young worker who apparently, had something better to do, held the boat with her foot for maybe a second. My fat tail needed more than a second and I needed help. I tried to get my foot onto the dock, but the boat started moving. Basically, I started doing the split and……I fell into the water.

OMG! I could not believe it. I was in the cold dirty water. Luckily, the water was not deep because I am not a good swimmer. The water came up to about my chest. I was with my ex husband’s family, my family and a few family friends. My ex was at work. Everyone came running over. My son who was 8 asked could he jump in the water. My daughter who was 9 had a smirk on her face and was shaking her head. I think she wanted to laugh. In fact, she did laugh. My ex husband’s uncle who was in the military at the time tried to offer me his hand to help me out. He weighed about a buck 05, so all he was going to do is end up in the water. I could not pull myself up out of the water because that is when I realized how heavy I was. I could not lift my weight out of the water. Finally, the military uncle and a few of the workers went and got a metal bench from somewhere and put it in the water. I was able to step on the bench and get out of the water. They had to close down the ride until they got me out. People were in line pointing. Little children were laughing. I look like a sea world attraction. Of course, I was done and we went home. Yes, everyone was laughing the entire way home, at home and years later, but I was laughing too.

I never rode those boats again. LOL I used this story in my book I wrote inspired by my son’s antics. I changed the story using him as the person who fell in the water. My book Class Clown the Memoirs is available on Amazon.

Remember you can always send me great health recipes and I love your advice and your stories.

Keep it well my peeps!


2 thoughts on “In the Water

  1. Fallon DuPlantis

    There’s a lot of controversy lately over the value of multivitamins. With that being said, perhaps your newfound energy can be attributed to your better eating habits! When you eat more nutrient dense foods, your energy levels soar and you also feel lighter – basically, you have to waste less energy on breaking down and pushing heavy, fatty foods through your system, but when you are eating fruits and veggies, they are broken down more easily which leaves energy for living your life to the fullest! Have you watched the documentary Forks Over Knives? It’s a little repetitive and science based, but most likely worth the watch since you are on this incredible journey! Go Taylor!

    hugs, DuPlantis

    P.S. Thanks for sharing such an honest and hilarious blog. Your list of 10 in a previous post was really eye opening – some people really need to learn manners!

    • Thanks Fallon. I will watch the video. The vitamins are prescribed by the nutritionist. I am taking a green source, a carb blocker. You are right, it is the eating correctly that is bringing more energy. Thanks.

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