A Fat Funny!


First of all being fat is not funny because of health reasons and self-esteem. However, I never had a problem with self-esteem, and many fat people are more than confident. Dont let the fat fool you.  Over the years I have had to laugh at myself because of my fat experiences. I gained my weight after I had my son in Dec. 92. And it kept being more and more and more and..You get the idea. Although, I was fat, I made sure to not let that stop me from doing activities with my children. There were times I could not walk as fast and I will not talk about the time I could not fit on a ride at Disney Land, but they had a great childhood. They are both in college, so I am proud.

When my son was in cub scouts, they would have meetings once every two weeks at a little scout house. They had foldable chairs. The chairs were sort of old and made of wood. I sat down and I heard a little noise, but I ignored it. Ever so often I would hear some little noises. Eventually, the noise became bigger and the chair collapsed. Yes, I was laying flat on my back. All of the cub scouts ran over and tried to do a project on how they could help me up. I laid there not believing I was on the floor. My son asked, “Mom do you want me to lay down with you?” He was cute back then. The leaders came over and helped me up. After that experience, I check every chair I sit in before I sit in it. You never know. LOL

I have many more stories.  Good news, I have officially lost 11 pounds as of today. Woo Hoo! My daughter has lost 8 pounds. We are on our way.


4 thoughts on “A Fat Funny!

  1. Nikki J

    Gurl, I hollered at u on that floor. WTG to both u & ur daughter. I have abt 16-19 lbs to lose. I’m going to start my journey next Monday. I’m going to juice 3x’s/day for 2 weeks to kick start my program and I’m also going to start back jogging. Atleast that’s what my mouth says. Keep up the great work.

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