The smell of food


The smell of good food is hard to resist. Dont get me wrong, healthy food can smell…HEALTHY! However, I did good today. My son bought himself some donuts and kolache from Shipley’s. He went to his room, but I could smell it. Maybe because I cannot have it or I dont know. I was like a person trying to quit smoking, but tries to inhale others smoke. You should of saw me in the hallway. I think I tried to eat the aroma.

My son did offer to go eat in the car. I told him, No I must learn to resist. So I ate my apple. Sad but good. It was not easy.

It was much better than the time, my son was cooking breakfast late at night. He though I was sleep. I was, but the smell of bacon woke me up. I resisted. Well, sort of resisted. I did try to go in the kitchen and scrape up leftovers in the pan, but he had cleaned the pan. Now he starts cleaning. LOL



6 thoughts on “The smell of food

  1. Nikki J

    I am so proud of you. You are very brave to put yourself out there like this for all the world to see. You have my utmost respect and support. You have willpower because I would have eaten a donut and not the apple. Well, I can support you with encouraging words, not with being a good example to follow because I am the worst when it comes to eating right and resisting temptation. The best of luck to you and I can’t wait to see your amazing transformation.

    • Thanks Nikki. Yeah, I will need to stay away from Shipleys. I love fresh hot donuts. You have stayed a great size over the years. I let life’s challenges get to me. However, it is past time for me to make changes. Thanks for commenting.

      • Nikki J

        LOL, Michelle, I have not stayed a great size. But thanks for saying that. My weight has fluctuated over the years and I just “hid out” whenever I was a super fat girl. LOL

      • I understand Nikki. This is why my high school friends like you did not see me for awhile. I was embarrassed because all of you knew me at a different weight, but I missed everyone and missed out on a lot of fun. It is never too late and I hope to catch up more with my good friends.

  2. Nina M

    Hey Michelle!!! I applaud you. You can do this!! Way to go…woot woot!!! Okay yeah I thought I was a cheerleader. Too fat for that. Lol. Anyway. I am excited for you. I have struggled for so long but my moms death in 2012 helped me get motivated. I have done ok this last year but got a ways to go. I say all that to say you are not alone. I created a group on fb for friends motivating each other. I will add you and you can decide if you want to post. Its a small group that just cheers for each other. No pressure. GO MICHELLE!!!!

    • Thanks Nina. I did join the group. It is not easy as you know, but we can do it. I have a great nutritionist that Martha hooked me up with recently. She is online and I talk with her daily. My daughter is also on the program. I have lost 11 pounds in a month. My daughter has lost 8 pounds in two weeks. Thanks for the FB site. I already commented.

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