Training Investment.


Today, I signed up with a personal trainer. It is a great investment because I am investing in me. So far, I have lost 10lbs with my wonderful nutritionist. I am thankful to my friend Martha for letting me know about her. It is hard. No it is almost impossible.  I dont know how many diet and exercise regimes I have tried over the years, but this time it is different. I am older, wiser and I have health problems that may get worse if I do not change my lifestyle. I am a diabetic. I have been on pills for about seven years, but now my doctor said that if things do not get better, I will need to get on insulin. I go back to the doctor in late February. So we will see.

Thanks to all who are working with me and coming to my blog. I am going to loose this ugly fat.

I do have one confession, I ate half of a buttery biscuit today. I know, but it was dripping with butter. It was so warm and soft. I know. You wish you had one, so did I. So I ate it. I did feel bad later, so that is a good thing. It is a jagged little road.

“Started from the bottom, but now I am here!”


4 thoughts on “Training Investment.

  1. Martha Tatum

    Warm buttery biscuits are hard to resist. The good thing is you only ate half of it. Don’t beat yourself up, but remember how you felt afterwards. Was it really worth it? Try to stay on track with the eating plan. I guarantee you will feel better when you turn in your weight and measurements for the week and there is progress. Nothing taste as good as being healthy feels! Keep pressing!

    • You are so correct Martha. The way I am looking at it is if I lose the weight, I can have a biscuit with butter in moderation and with exercise. However, I have to get there. Thanks so much.

      • Tara

        I love Martha’s comment, and love that you are being honest about what you are doing. I have to ask – why was the buttery biscuit even in your house? Tell buttery biscuits to find someone else’s hips! I am proud of you that you only ate half! I am so excited about the trainer! It is going to be hard at first, and you will suffer, but then there will be this breakthrough where it feels really good. Hard to believe at this point, but you will get there. You are such an inspiration!

  2. Thanks Tara. It was not in the house. We picked up some grilled chicken from a restaurant and they put a biscuit in the bag. Everything in my house mostly is as my son stated “All this green stuff.” I appreciate the comment and concern. I enjoy the help.

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