New Year’s Eve: Reflecting on Fat moments


Being fat is no laughing moment because of serious health problems, but if you know me, you  know I can look at the light side of anything and make it into a joke. I gained most of my weight after I had my son in Dec. 92 and mostly in the last few years. So I have experienced some crazy things when dealing with other people. I know to some it may be horrible and sometimes sad, but I look at things in a different way, otherwise I would be depressed and stressed daily, “And aint nobody got time for that.” (Remember the lady on the news. Tyler Perry actually had her in his new Christmas movie. He should of called me. LOL)

Here are a few things I have experience being big and beautiful:

1. Men holding the door for nice looking ladies and letting it shut in my face. (Cowards)

2. A homeless man telling me he might be my last chance. (He was sort of cute. NOT!)

3. When I am at something that everyone is eating, but I dont eat much, people always ask me, “Is that all you going to eat? I know you are hungry.” or they will try to pile my plate. Thanks!

4. Men trying to pick me up because they think I can cook. I dont cook, I eat. Dont let the fat fool you, I am a spoiled princess. LOL

5. People thinking I am going to break their chairs. I remember at the nail salon, the lady did not want me to sit in the chair  where you dry your nails and she gave me a short stool. Next she tried to push my fat leg over so I would be comfortable. If it was not so funny, I would of been offended.

6. People thinking I can fight. I can! Mess with my children.  Although, Lamar girls do not fight.Too cute!

7. My mother telling me the reason I got a speeding ticket was because my foot was too heavy. Really?

8. A student singing the Barney song when I was dressed in purple. I did say something to him but I will not say what I said. It was years ago and teaching in the hood is different than teaching some places. I will say it started off with your Daddy…..

10. People thinking I have always been fat and wanting me to counsel young fat girls. I only got fat after I had children.

There are more that I will put later. I guess the weirdest comments is when people think I am a lesbian. WHAT? Please! I guess because I dont have a man on my arm everywhere I go or talk about my relationships all the time, I must be a lesbian or people think we cant get anyone because we are fat. So far from the truth it is ridiculous. However, because you are fat does not mean you have to settle for anyone or not have standards. I have seen many fat ladies with horrible men. It is not worth it. Be true to yourself and what makes you happy.

People also think I cannot give fashion advice because of my weight. You do not have to be skinny to know what tacky looks like. I dont always dress the best, but that is because I refuse to pay the extra prices for the extra yards of close. Fat people clothes COST!

After I lose weight, I will write my book about my journey. I have a lot of fat  stories.


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