Testing out my new Blog! Hey!


5 thoughts on “Test

  1. Tara

    Yea for you, Michelle! I am going to be annoying and point out for clarity that getting healthy does not necessarily mean getting thin. Perhaps healthy means thinner (emphasis on the er), but not necessarily thin. I am excited I get to read all your funny observations. Is it just a coincidence that you are doing this after your son turned 21? 🙂

  2. Ree

    So happy for you girl. Whoot hoot!
    I’m starting on my journey. My genes (The Fatlins lol) will not allow me to get comfortable in whatever weight I’m in. If you saw my relatives you would understand. I do not claim diabetes, high blood pressure or being overweight. So, Dee and I stay on a life diet. Our life diet is staying away from fried foods, carbs and sodas. Trying to make a conscious daily effort to eat more vegetables (raw and cooked) and fruits. The bad junk food is very very limited in our daily diet. We try to get exercise in when we can. You are blessed to be here while you have an empty nest. When my nest is empty, I will go back to working out religiously with more time on my hands. So, I salute you and root you on!!!!

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